Most people overestimate what they can do in 1 year and underestimate what they can do in 10 years.” —Bill Gates

Sharing this due to my nature of looking at things in the longer term. You need to live on the moments and so on- however, how these small pieces of events tied together in a loop, and build something over the years vs decades are something you need to be thoughtful about.

You’re an artist when your day to day led by your life, and occasionally you disrupt it to go to the direction based on your needs and wants.

Rock on, you only live once. :))


  1. Yeah…YOLO! So, make the best of it before time’s out. :)

    How nice of you, working and seeing results in the long term. This is something to do with vision and mission. Keep rocking then! :)

    1. Omaar Osmaan

      You know, when we’re able to appreciate what we have and strive to make things even better- that’s the best use of our time of life. And then, when we review how things going, and concentrate on finding what needs more works, we’re golden to keep it rocking- :))

      Thank you, BB. :))

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