1. Yes, let the world know! One must stands out among the crowd to be seen and be heard.

    A very nicely written Haiku on what guts are. Loved it! :)

    1. Omo

      Thank you, BB- Couple of weeks back someone showed me this picture, this haiku was the initial thoughts- :))

      First time I wrote a haiku for a picture- sadly no idea where that wall has those sculpture, who made ’em- nor have any idea who shoot this-

  2. Ready your body, let the war cry be heard on the steppes and bring down woes!!
    Maybe haiku was created to bring forth raw Nature, I do not know.
    But in your wonderful creation you give birth to the natural cry of Freedom!

    Great work, dude!!

    1. Omo


      Yes! Original Haiku poets may be intent to cover Nature and its raw beauty- I’m trying to cover Nature of Human and its core properties- :))

      Thanks, dud!! What more beautiful than Freedom, and remarkable expression when we have it-

  3. simply amazing. what a great idea. your haiku is very well written. this is my first visit and i shall come back to read lots of poetry stuffs here. i am so into haiku and poems :) stay connected :) feel free to hit my site :)

    1. Omo

      Hello, IS- glad for your kind words!

      Welcome and feel home, would love to see you coming often- And thanks for the invitation! :))

  4. First of all.. I want to say that though the picture scares me :p

    For the Haiku, wow! another nice piece. Sometimes you really need to stand up and shout loud, tell the world who you are and the let them know you’re alive! :)

    1. oops.. sorry.. got a lot of typo on my comment :p

      but I do hope you get my point :)

      1. Omo

        Regarding scares you, really? :P

        Thanks, AB! We need to stand up and have our breaths loudly to the world along with others, Always, its our privilege!

        Typos aren’t hiding your voice- :))

  5. There are humans with different natures and all react very differently. Few love the journey, while few eagerly wait for the end result. Observing Human Nature has always been one of my interest.
    btw, Nice Haiku and expressive image !

    1. Omo

      Human nature amuse itself, those uniqueness and all those variations- like you said- I love allusion, indeed!

      Thanks, Kitty! ;)

  6. HD Cafe

    Wishes you and your family a Christmas filled with joy and a Happy New Year!

    1. Omo

      Thank you. Wish your coming year brings you meaningful happiness and achievement. Have a great holiday.

  7. Happy New Year, Omo! Have a great time! :)

    1. Omo

      Yes! Great time with happiness, wishes for you, too! :)

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