1. Very deep meaning. Always love the way you write. Isn’t it for two different people certain things matter in certain ways? I guess it is so reading this Haiku. But it’s supposed to be as two heads think differently.

    Hey, Omo, congrats for your 33rd round Haiku. You’re doing well! :)

  2. Omo

    A warrior wants to win the game, they count their status now and then- and can’t stand for any down side- wicked dreamers believe in winning, and when whole world think it’s gone- at end, may be just may be, they make it happen somehow!

    May be there’s more than that! You’re right- two heads think differently, act differently!

    Love your kind words- Thank you, BB! :)

  3. Who is better – Wicked dreamer or Worrior?
    A wise and thoughtful haiku ! :)

    1. sorry typo – ‘warrior’

    2. Omo

      I guess it’s not easy to compare them- and deciding the better! May be each of us having both inside of our souls- :))

      Thank you Kitty!

  4. it’s as simple as saying, a warrior can do what a dreamer can’t.. that is to act! :)

    1. Omo

      You’re right! A dreamer who act on it become the wicked dreamer- :)

      In times we need not to win every battle- a wicked dreamer would know when it’s time to let it go and win by not winning! A warrior spirit we need but a dream (read vision) should lead the way and decide the act!

  5. If you’re a Dreamer, your actions will reverberate into Dreamland!

    If you’re a Warrior, your actions will be facts in Reality!

    Nicely put, Omo!!

    1. Omo

      You do read the mind, dude!

      Thank you!

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