Why reading is superior than other habits?

Reading a great book will scratch your mind for your lifetime- watching a great TV Show will amuse you for some years.

Enough said.


ps. While I’m currently cinephile and once upon a time I was bookworm, I think that a great movie and a great book may have similar impact on you, a great TV Show doesn’t much equal to them, may be only greatest TV show could be but those are very very rare.

pps. Another thing is there are many many thousands great books, few thousands great movies and only few hundreds great TV Show (more or less but may be you can get the point).

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  1. I have read countless books in my life. Since childhood I loved books. You can say, I was addicted to reading. Now I don’t get time to read books, may be priorities change in life.
    I think, most people consider movies and TV shows as objects of entertainment whereas books as sources of knowledge therefore having a greater impact on their minds. :)

    1. Omo

      You were bookworm, too! I haven’t read printed book for years- miss those golden days- :))

      Right, most people consider visual media as the entertainment source- where book becomes knowledge source. One thing books offer is that it shares words- it’s the brain’s job to interpret and imagine those wording to understand things- that extra involvement juggle the mind in a way that a lot of visuals media can’t do!

  2. Books can be regarded as one of our best companions – knowledge wise. Looks like most of us are bookworms. Loved fairy tales when I was a kid and you know what, I imagined I was the main character in the story! Like Cinderella, living happily ever after!

    One comment for this post – well-said. I couldn’t agree more. The stories/books we read live in our minds while movies are temporal.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas, Omo. Surely you get many responses at Quora. :)

    1. Omo

      Those lovely stories can only justify when we’re the main character- Hahaha! Indeed, most of us are/were the bookworms- :))

      Thank you, BB- sometimes great movie scratch our minds, too- I remember how I was so motivated to mediation due to “Raven” back in early 90s! Closing eyes I still can see those moments- :D

      Nah, not many responses but it’s fun to answer random questions (I set credits to 50 for asking, now no body ask me anything, hehehe!).

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