Who Am I # Part-2

Couple of failure that I had able to learn from, and few thoughts that gives me peace of mind:

  • My opinions, vision towards things and practices- most of the time lead people to stay away. :)
  • I have had failed (more or less) in almost every aspect of life in a sense- including love, friends, family, self-awareness, self-esteem and work (partnership).
  • I’ve been into the field of Programming, designing and building digital property for a long time, yet I don’t have any ‘Open Source’ projects (as of now) nor have anything stands (except few, but I wont take credit) that might justify my skills or my extreme-passion of what I love to do.
  • I’ve had co-founded Moonrank USA LLC, a company which built new-media web portals in total 7 human languages, for founders/clients from around 12 countries (also a Restaurant POS system called FloreantPOS). At some point, those portals accessed by around 20 millions of people around the globe, per month. Eventually, that lead to a new project called “BloggersDotCom”. Under my leadership (planning to coding to designing to marketing) with a small team I’ve had able to make BloggersDotCom the best social media portal for Bloggers, which during its four year lifetime have had accessed by/spread to near 100 millions of people. In the end, BloggersDotCom shut-down just when it supposed to lead mainstream Bloggers (a new site is there, I’m no longer affiliated with the founder or the site). The worse, my partner with whom I co-founded Moonrank USA LLC had successfully toke away a big amount of my hard earned money.
Peace of mind
  • I’ve had able to gain a rare habit of evolving over the period of time, that is, making things that works and progress intentionally (fulfillment of a purpose and improve).
  • My work had used by, appreciated by more than 100 millions of people (as of now).
  • I’ve had helped many people, either planning strategy for them or introducing things to them, that brings a big change to their lives in a greater way (I have never taken credit for, nor think I should- though the change would not have happened unless I was involved at some point).
  • I love to venture into things, and try to make new things, what works, for me and for millions of people.


Disclaimer: I’m not much into expressing personal matters in a way like this, still, these are here, just for the record.


  1. You have the expertise in so many things, Omar. You really have a wide knowledge on matters that could fatten up one’s pocket. Life is always a rat race, you know. This happens when each day technology keeps growing. The expertise you have had brought successes to those you have led. Bravo!

    On the other hand, it’s sickening when people made use of you for their own good. Too bad!

    I know, despite all these, you’re still strong as ever! Failures in life are normal (if I could say so) because everyone doesn’t have a perfect life.

    Much thanks for sharing another episode of your life, Omo. :))

    1. Omo

      Thank you, BB- you’re a real inspiration. :))

      Entrepreneur lifestyle is full of failure, and that helps to shape things properly over the period of time- I’m glad that I passed on a long road that way. I tried to not focus much on my benefits those days, hence few bad guy made their move.

      Lately, I’m pretty much excited about my next venture. I’ll share soon- :))

  2. Dear Omo, nice to meet you as Omaar Osmaan too :-) Its a pleasant surprise to know you as Omaar! Hey, you are my just next door neighbor! its like sitting next to each other and texting on mobile :) Once, you had asked me ” do you read Bengali?”… now i think i should have asked you back the same question at that time… :))

    I don’t think you hadn’t shared all those things mentioned above. You always had shared your thoughts, ups & downs, work stress in some way ; we could even guess your ability in different areas. It was just that you didn’t mention the exact name, place and all… so it was like your display picture – the cat with a thin veil in front of its face … :)

    Even if we go through bad phases in life nobody can take our skills and experiences from us. You are a very skilled and talented person, you can come out of such situations and achieve greater heights in life.

    Bloggersdotcom was a beautiful experience for many including me. We got to meet wonderful people like you. I didn’t know that it was actually you who made it wonderful! Thank you for the experience! :)

    Thanks for sharing with us. :)

    1. Omo

      Kitty, you should have asked- hahahah! :))

      You’re right! I’m always honest, you know! Thin veil in front of the face didn’t hide me much- :P

      Nobody can take skills only the “Bad” experiences it put life into really hurts- sometimes fall into so much darkness that swallow “time” just like a black-hole! The good side though, inspired to cage the experiences into some “Haiku”- woot! woot!

      Pleasure is my, I appreciate that BloggersDotCom allowed me to meet so many great & nice people around the world, and found me few awesome friends like you- :))

      Thank you, Kitty!

  3. Hello Omar, Thanks for all of what you have done and accomplished. And I too have had a partner take advantage but money is not everything… Good luck and look forward to your future support

    1. Omo

      Hello Kelly, sorry to learn that you too experienced bad partnership- it’s true money is not everything and the lesson it teach us something invaluable!

      Thank you for your support- and good wishes for you, too.

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