Who Am I # Part-1

Till date my life consists of following sequences:

Early childhood: Listen to lots of stories, rhymes and songs, late evening and night stories.

Childhood: Reading Comics, tons of. Playing hundreds of indoor/outdoor games.

Teenage: Reading lots of Books- mostly novels, fictions, histories, and every kind of, written by world known and little known writers (of various time, place and languages). Reading even more than lots of Mags, mixed culture, scientific, adventures, literature and more. Learning the process of writing stories, rhymes (Bangla Language).

20s: Engaging people around the globe (online), reading Online texts/articles, Wikis, regarding random topics, histories, mixed culture and more. Learning design and programming. Creating software, websites. Clasp into difficulties of Life.

30s: Meeting people (online), Following trends, Understanding various belief, behavior and intentions. Watching movies (similar to reading). Practicing the copy-writing, writing Haiku, Poems (English Language). Creating digital products and concentrate on Human Life.

And, as usual life events- similar to next door human- experiences of fun, love, failure, wisdom, ups-and-down just like a surviving entity.

Over the period of time, even though I’ve born and raised in Bangladesh- I learn to think the world as a whole, as if Planet Earth is the only Country. I was born in a Muslim family, and I tend to believe religion, culture, ethnic and political borders are just the differences among localities, nationalities and continents similar to differences of Colors, shape and variety among Human species, nothing more nothing less.

The more and more I learn, I realize I’ve limited knowledge, for that I tend to extend my experiences through constant learning. My intentions are to add new capabilities and skills, correct and polish my assumptions over things.

To sum up, I believe I know who I am, and that always point to: A curious Human, aiming to improve and perfect the process of Life, at least keep trying and keep learning from every single day spent.

The best wisdom I’ve gain from my life is, differences are what makes every one of us unique but we’re one entity, Human. I know, I’m not very much of practical when it comes to realities of Life (though learning better those days to survive with dignity) and most of my thinking process are much likely similar to a Mad, or, a Baby.


Omaar Osmaan aka. Moonomo

ps. I’ve had written a different draft to share my stories but that draft gave me pain since I tried to tell some terrific story of recent events- thankfully, life is getting better and hopefully I could share a lots of fun with you guys in coming days! Sorry, for the hibernation- :)


  1. Assalamualaikum Omar Osmaan, it’s a very pleasant surprise after reading this post. I feel so blessed in this holy month of Ramadhan, I get to know more of you, my friend. Over here, today is the 29th Ramadhan, the last day for us to fast and God willing, tomorrow we’ll be celebrating Idilfitri. I’d like to wish you a Happy Eid in advance.

    Now I know why you called yourself Omo. It’s the combination of your name and your father’s (if I’m correct). Thank you so much, my dear friend, for revealing part of yourself which isn’t that easy to do because most of us would like to keep our privacy. I’m so proud of you that at this point you’re able to talk about yourself.

    You had a very interesting beginning reading from what you wrote since childhood onwards. I presume, you have been in a foreign land for a long time already. Please, clear me on this matter. Anyway, wherever we are, there is always the sustenance of life if we work towards it.

    I know how difficult life could be sometimes. Our perseverance will keep us going; prayers and hard work. My life isn’t a bed of roses. I’m still working towards a better one. Then again, what we had gone through (the sad and bad parts) are life’s lessons that taught us what life is all about and its true meaning. In moments of grey days, let’s count our blessings that there are sunny days as well.

    I’m proud of you, Omar. Despite the ups and downs of life, you’re still working towards a fulfilling life. May successes be yours.

    Thank you so much for sharing your life’s story. You’re making me so curious to know what’s next! :))

    1. Omo

      Walaikumsalam, Balgis! Oh dear- Eid Mubarak in advance, too! Here, it’s day after tomorrow. I’ve been always and still on the land of Bangladesh, yet to fly to any other country- touched almost country only over the internet- Hahahaa! :D

      BB- you guess it right- ‘Omo’ is the combo of my full name- though my father (and grandfather) have different surname, a lot of family used to with that practice here.

      Thanks, BB- I guess I was so much into internet for so long time that over the period of time, I’ve had split my ‘self’ without valid reasons! Finally, I came to conclusion to vanish unnecessary secrecy and be in one piece- :))

      It’s my pleasure to have sharing with you! I’m feeling really great lately that even though all those up-downs in the way- I have few great friends like you- Life couldn’t be better than this! :))

      1. Omar, what I’m going to say could surprise you. You know what? I thought you were somewhere there in Texas, US! All this while, it had been on my mind. I didn’t know until now that you are my next door neighbour (could be a few doors but still near, I should say).

        Thanks a lot for clearing my curiosity. :))

      2. Omo

        I knew that, BB- due to my company activities, many thinks like that! I feel bad about it- that I didn’t clarify and ignored, sometimes enjoyed it too! Sorry- :)

        Remember, I told you I will go to your place, someday- you’re really next door neighbor- :)))

  2. WoW! Thank you so much, Omar, at last I’m seeing the real YOU through FB! I’m going to save your image. :)))

    1. Omo

      You found it- :)))

      Come over on FB, though I already felt it is too much crowd on there but I’ve been thinking and trying to be active- :))

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