What keeps me alive and help me kicking things

Here we go. I’ll try to be precise in a few words.

Things that keep me alive:

  • Usually I have infinite confidence. Whenever I’ve shortage of that supply, you wont find me anywhere. Not family or friends or acquaintances- no one finds me then. Where do I go? I visit me-self, explore the universe, beyond the earth and heaven, including hell to extract and pump my braincells. Then I’m there- against all odds, fears, good or evils, I stand strong on my feet.
  • I’m always honest. To share my mistakes, my shortcoming and what I don’t understand. I take responsibility. It’s a great deed that not only my friends even those foes who think I’m their enemy will agreed on their heart (no, they don’t talk about it ever but they agreed many times!).
  • Things that I don’t know (the list is huge) whenever I needed to know, I’m capable of learning fast, may be, sometimes, too fast. What I love most is that, I find- what I need to know- the process is the most amazing journey- I sacrificed so many things many many times just to do that.
  • I’m perfectionist. I work hard to get it to at certain point- I agree nothing is perfect and no one is perfect, but I have my fair share on achieving the status quota.
  • May be, just may be, a lot of the time, I’m that wicked dreamer. Sometime, I’m the warrior. And other times I’m just a lover of things on earth! :)

Things that get me in trouble:

  • Being too nice. Most- if not all the times, I don’t claim my share of good deeds, I don’t remind other people what I’ve done for them. And then, I always have my gratitude for a good things done by other, even, if that person had done the worst things for me.
  • Being honest, hands down. In this world of reality, the toughest struggle isn’t how to take down evil-intention, instead, it’s always hardest to save yourself from others taking advantage of your honesty.
  • Being humble. Again, hands down. It’s the trickiest part of the life to be a humble person and be living with dignity.

And last but not least, I’m always, yes, always, sooner or later, kick people and ‘things‘ out of my life who try to extract value from me for their personal well-fair without contributing anything good for other people around the circle of my life or for me, this includes also those people who try to manipulate things with bad intention. :)))

BTW I wrote “Living truthfully to mingle Creativity” due to those facts. Just sharing it here- :D


  1. Good! Few years ago we were made to think of you as an entirely different person than what you really are ( not regarding your personality). Now we can see a clear picture and can guess more precisely about what you share or say. Appreciated! :)

    1. Omo

      It’s my pleasure to share with a friend like you, thanks a lot. :))

  2. Wow! What you share with us are just like a flower opening up its petals one by one. It’s a great feeling knowing more of you, Omo, not just seeing your image as a “cat” behind a transparent veil :)

    So glad to know that you’re coming up with this topic. Your self confidence is high, an honest person, a fast learner, a perfectionist ( I’m a little bit less than that :p), a wicked dreamer but no worry, you’re a warrior and what I love to hear is a lover of all things on earth. So cool! That’s what makes this world go around, yunno!

    Regarding trouble, we all get into it once in a while. That’s part of life! When we’re too good, too honest, too kind, whatever “too” we have, we’re opening up the doors of opportunities to opportunists who will grab them by all means. But glad to know, you’re going to kick “them” for good. So, keep standing on your two feet!

    Live a life, live it well, and keep kicking what needed to be kicked! Let they not pollute your life. :)

    Cheers! :)

    1. Omo

      Appreciate your kind words- Thank you! :))

      Am little blushing I guess, wait let me shout, Yeeee hooo! Hahahaha-
      That definitely makes the world round, BB!

      You’ve said it greatly! Those opportunities to opportunists always lead us trouble but that’s just a chance for us to kick ’em hard and trash ’em.

      Glad that a sweet friend like you are around to keep it healthy- :D


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