Walking in Life with out Doctors

I literally can’t remember when was the last time that I’d to visit doctors for my own health issue. And then, as far as I can squish memories, there were couple of headache in every few months- due to less-sleep, working on different monitors etc, or extra long sleeps- :p. Might be a few food-poison-related issues once in, may be six months, or in a year! There were most likely one, or two half-day-long-fever that tried to convince my body to stay longer but couldn’t. None of ’em warrant a call to doctors.

So far, for last ten years, at least, if not 15 or more, that is my tally for my physical sickness. I’m pretty much lucky about it. I tend to take pre-caution, keep me-self healthy as much as possible, most of the time- with or without sweating- ;)

It’s kinda breaking news that, all of a sudden I caught by high-fever, as high as little more than 104°- since late Friday. I felt like every 5 minutes is an hour- It appears that I lost sense of time. Even when i fall into sleep, and thought it might have been couple of hours- clock indicated only 5, 10, or 20 minutes. Sadly, such extended time couldn’t been much helpful, nor enjoyable.

Meantime, first day i couldn’t swallow anything other than Mango juice- due to ‘cold’, which triggered the fever every few hours to go from low to high, and medicine fought back to lower it again. The process kept a constant headache, every such session came in with different flavor. Second day, again juice, this time added few other fruits, and chicken corn-soup.

It was total cluster-cut disaster on my health. Meantime there were cable-cut of my fiber-optic internet connection in front of my house, it’s still out, cause I became fit enough after 12 hours after the cut, to file a ticket, then there been non-stop shower-raining!

Now, good news is, after a very long time writing this long text on my iPhone (for my lone blog post) and enjoying the things around me more. 😍

Btw looks like it will take more days before body allows to “taste” foods, even the water- but that getting better.

And oh, i got my power-bank two days ago that i ordered online from a BD shop, first time for me- and overall the service felt nice.

Another oh, thanks so much to ‘you know who’, if you reading this, ‘you know why’. Over and out. :)


  1. It’d be nice not to see doctors too often. But we’re not perfect, that would be including health issues. Sometimes I’m a “doctor” myself when I go to pharmacies and buy medicines which I think would be “right” for my minor sickness. Don’t you dare to follow me! :)

    It’s good to read your post again. This blog isn’t a lone one.

    I hope by now you’re recovering. Stay well, stay cheerful, keep running on your two feet (not just the left one), stay blogging, keep the smile on your face and enjoy what life offers you! :)

    A note on your last sentence. You’re now in better hands! :)

    1. Omaar Osmaan

      You know, BB, I always push my parents to visits doctors for their regular checkups. I think we must not neglect the importance of regular health-checkups, and keep being healthy. For me, it’s just that so far the retirements to visit a Doctor has been to the minimum, let’s say, almost none! I hope it would stay like that for many more years to come- :D

      Thank you so much, your presence always lighten up the blog, and make me more talkative! Appreciate it, BB- :)

      I’m still recovering from cold, and frequent headache- but fever gone away already. Happy that, this time someone dear took care of many things. ;P

      Indeed, couldn’t live without those hands, already! :D :D

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