Limerick: Typical Day

(Typical Day)

In the world of white and black, and some shades of the gray
Right or Wrong, chatter, nasty talks, or, soul touching pray
Good people, Bad people
Fit People, The cripple-
In which the day you survive called typical day.

© Moonomo, 2014Image


  1. Indeed, it’s exactly as you said! Life’s always a mixture of good and a cake, a mixture of so many ingredients to make it worth called a cake!

    You’re putting much thoughts in it, Omo. Nicely written!

    May I add?

    How lucky to survive a typical day,
    Since yesterday – ’twas Monday,
    Not to complain though, it’s life,
    In each step we take to avoid strife,
    The least, to keep gloominess at bay.

    Cheers! :)

    1. Omo

      Thank you, BB. I was a bit hesitating, this limerick may not bring a smile- while things are on down-side, though may bring a tiny smile if- up side is up! Love the idea of calling the mixture a “cake”- :p

      And, you’ve a nice addition- “to keep gloominess at bay”! Indeed- :D

      Cheers! :))

      1. I don’t know whether I could call it as a personification. You know well some ingredients in cakes which might be hazardous to one’s health if taken too much, so there goes the bad side of it while on the other hand, it will satisfy one’s sweet tooth.

        Don’t take me too seriously! Just a thought anyway. :)

      2. Omo

        Hahaha! Yummy taste doesn’t alert futuristic thoughts- it’s life! :)))

  2. Hey! I liked it :))

    1. ( guess, I’m not spamming your blog.. :)) )

      1. Omo

        Hahaha- are you? No, no, no. :))

    2. Omo

      Thank you, Kitty! :)

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