1. kitty

    The most perfect 3 minutes !
    I’ve got goosebumps ! haha ! awesome !
    Amazing performance! This music is so energetic its been playing in my head ever since I listened to it. This Irish music, I found very similar to our Indian classical music.
    thanks for posting here ! :)

    1. Omo

      Listen to this more and more- a fresh and healthy breaths I have. It toss the emotion so well.

      Why not share Indian Classical music you like, too?

  2. This is another video that I enjoyed most! Yeah, having a great time indeed. There’s a unique beauty in the Corrs’ music. There is a special something which captivates every listener. I also enjoy listening to their songs. :)

    1. Omo

      They know how to “juggle” blood cells very well! :)

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