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The Only Constant Is Change

Raise words, not voice! Raising words works better- may takes time but definitely works. For years, been around, engaged in conversations- talked about various aspect of the WordPress Repository (specially the Theme Directory).

Pointed needs of improvements, argued for ways to go for it and pushed where it was needed. There were more people doing the same- interestingly, it all getting worked out more or less- with time.

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After 6 years- putting aside beloved MacBookPro.

To HP Pavilion Notebook PC. It has monstrous Core i7 (8 core) CPU- bought in 2011 “Black Friday” and used as the linux-dev-box for BloggersDotCom- other than that I’d neglected using it. Couldn’t move out off the comfort-zone of Apple hardware bonds.

Pretty sure it’ll take some time to get used to with the monstrous monitor, too. But no doubt I’m going to enjoy movies more- ;P


The notion of “Workaholic”

Can you imagine a work-free life? A whole day, nothing to do. Sounds great. A work-less week would be greater-

Bunch of weeks and then months or years? Honestly, you will just end up being mad for not doing any ‘work’. Our mind actually need ‘works’ to juggle the world around us-

Finding passion, a reason why you will do the ‘job’ helps you to inspire to keep doing it. Find your reason.

Secondly, don’t just keep working and working- Look for ways how you can simplify the process of your work. How can you manage the effort to boost the outcome. Once you up for that challenge- work just become sweet. Challenge your work.

Lastly, have fun doing it! That’s precious-


~ In response to the question asked on Quora.