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Introducing xFrontend

Earlier week I’ve launched my WordPress shop- where I’m offering hand crufted WordPress themes and plugins. Following the announcement:

We’re xFrontend- we build the experience that matters the most. And we’re the Whiz Kid in the WordPress Universe- we’re going to make a dent in your heart. It’s our mission- :)

Read the full announcement on xFrontend blog: An Offer You Can’t Refuse

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After 6 years- putting aside beloved MacBookPro.

To HP Pavilion Notebook PC. It has monstrous Core i7 (8 core) CPU- bought in 2011 “Black Friday” and used as the linux-dev-box for BloggersDotCom- other than that I’d neglected using it. Couldn’t move out off the comfort-zone of Apple hardware bonds.

Pretty sure it’ll take some time to get used to with the monstrous monitor, too. But no doubt I’m going to enjoy movies more- ;P