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Music: Happy

Here goes the beautiful song- “Clap along if you feel like Happiness is the truth”.

It’s a happy day- and Yay! Its my birth day- :)

This goes here instead of the official music video by Pharrell Williams, since I like the dance under the water! And, its funny to discover the lyrics in case you didn’t listen it before- :P

Update Dec 30, 2015: Since the video had been deleted, updated with Official Music Video.


Music: Singing’ In The Rain

I must recommend, whether you can dance or not, you should not miss the fun and must do those in your life at least once! I have done so many times back in my golden child-and-teen-hood- you wont regret the guts of doing it at any age though!

I wanted to share this song a long ago, finally it get posted here!

Around a year back, Ana reminds me the song in her Wordless Monday on Rain. I had to find out the movie and watch it. Gene kelly’s dance should amaze you, few other song from the musical might spin on your head, too (for example, the “Good Morning”).

Couple of years back, in a class of a basic/fundamental course of Cinema, which I was admitted to for my curiosity, they show this awesome performance of Gene Kelly since the movie (same title, Singing’ In The Rain) accounted the best (American) musical movie of all time. The time was really bad back in those days for me that I could only able to attend few classes and had to drop out of the course all together.

Just a note, its been a long due to post something. The last post was about rain, lets have some fun again with rain- :))


Music: Teenage Dream

While checking out video apps for iPhone, found Vevo has their app with their entire music video catalog, 25,000 videos from more of 7,500 artists. And I’ve been watching/listening new/old cool musics on my iPhone, this lead me to charge it more frequently- duh!

Didn’t listen to Katy Perry before but I love her Teenage Dream- the youth within it!


Music: La Camisa Negra

I was watching FIFA World Cup 2010 Kick-off Concert and love the performance of Juanes. I didn’t know his name and forget in few days. Just recently I thought why not find that song, I come to know Juanes. Sharing this music video, I’m enjoying it much lately- the video is cool and tunes are heart touching!

I had that long hair few months back and now its short-spiky. :)

Footnote: while posting this I come to know what the lyrics says, I had completely no idea what he saying- now having a evil laugh- :)