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Tale: Debt

Tale: Debt


“How much do you need?”
“Not much. A little would do. I owe lunch for two days to the guy next door. I owe few cloths to my roommate- just need to send to laundry.”
“That’s all?”
“Hm- I owe few bucks to landlord for the rent. And I had broken his doorlock few days back.”
“Anything else?”
“I could have a tour in Hawaii. You know…”
“Oh well!”
“If you don’t mind, actually, I wanted to visit Himalaya. I would definitely meet those great Gurus.”
“So- how much do you need?”
“Do I have to pay you back soon?”
“You do not have to think about that now.”

Damn! It took few moments to understand- Someone knocking the door. I just woke up.

Those are my debt, and still is my headache!

© Moonomo, 2011Image

Disclaimer: It’s a tale of someone whom I don’t know, whom I never met. In plain English, it’s a tiny tale.


Tale: Artificial Intelligence

Tale: Artificial Intelligence

(Artificial Intelligence)

Once in a while every single person feel hundred percent positive. Once you struck by the positive influence- your chest lose weight- you taste fresh air all around. And the person in you feel all the love this worlds can hold for all possible things.

Once in a while every individual feels otherwise, hundred percent negative. Once you struck by the negative influence- your chest carrying something large on it- you taste the salt. And the person in you see every fault in all possible things.

No matter what side of the coin you’re sitting on at some point- you know- Life isn’t fair every awhile. Life is great to live. It’s relative to- You. All that matters to you is- You.

Always it’s about you. Your vision and mission and the success and the failure- about anything that only matters to you. Who you are? A human? A selfish?

Just another living entity?

© Moonomo, 2011Image


Tale: Date

Tale: Date


We’re sitting besides the lake. Not far from trees. A walkway behind us. This bench is our favorite.

Sun still bright. Sunshine playing with yellow leaves. Trees about to lose them.

“So, how was your day?” She asked and like always she smiled.

“Today is a great day!” I give my big face. “I was late at morning. On the bus, found I didn’t bring my wallet. And the keys.”


I love how her cute face throwing the word. Her eyebrow gives a stunning look each time I tell her about those mistakes.

My smile get bigger. “I was thinking about you!”

© Moonomo, 2011Image