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Tale: Kidding

Tale: Kidding


“Hi little buddy!”

He gives me a look. Keeping his jaw a little closer to the sky. May be that little word he doesn’t willing to accept!

“What are you doing?”

It’s a off-day morning. This neighbor kid took my attention. He borrowing water from a little pond besides that walk way with a jug and dropping into a tiny hole he dug on their lane.

“I’m doing science!”

His answer sounds as if he’s inventing how not to alert my question.

“Science? How sir?”

I’m obviously curious. Willing to join the fun!

First he emptied his jug to the hole. Then took a straight look at me, a lengthy one. His jaw being upfront to the sky and eyebrow a little smashing- whether to answer my curious question.

Finally looks like he decided.

“See that pond- that is around twenty meters, square. This tiny pond I’ve done is twenty square inches.”


“But I’m yet to fill it up with water. To do my next step I need to fill it first.”

“Then? What next step?”

“That’s the science-”

Little buddy started filling it again. Kind of forgetting me!

“Okee! I’ll help you. Give me the jug and sit there, boy!”

It took many minutes. And tiny pond finally holds water in it.

“Now what?”

Little buddy stood up, went to his house and get back with a little turtle!

Then that turtle goes into that tiny pond. He put some stick and makes a boundary- he actually playing with it!

“You didn’t get it?”

Little buddy having a curve in his face, his shiny teeth having, sort of, evil laugh!

“No! What science are you getting here?”

“This turtle really can live both in land and in water!”

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Disclaimer: It’s a tale of someone whom I don’t know, whom I never met. In plain English, it’s a tiny tale.