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Most human if not all (pun intended) have their own ‘conscious’- and that consciousness has the power to ‘choose’- whether by its own merit or by the impact of other power, situation or whatever.

That conscious I usually call ‘self’. You choose, either willingly or by pressure, but you always have the ability to choose- the faster you realize and try to understand your conscious better, you as a person have more ‘control’ on things. It won’t give you superpower, but you give you ability to impact whatever you ‘want’ to do or you’re obliged to do.

The wisdom, doesn’t end there.


Rant of the day-

To whom it may concern- there is no failure. Only winning or learning. There is no glory when you’re up to impress someone or everyone. Pride is a sickness, not happiness.

Appreciate what you have, and offer a solution to the problems, or else just accept it and live with it.

For what it’s worth, life is about seeking knowledge, and not to be afraid of making mistakes to improve eventually.


Omaar Osmaan