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Poem: Every time you smile

Poem: Every time you smile

(Every time you smile)

Every time you smile
Hundred thousand Butterfly spread their wings
Fountains invent new tunes to fall
Southern winds turn and make friends with
All the lonely leaves

Every time you smile
Shakespeare brings Mozart from heaven
Fairy and Angels perform
The best musical

Every time you smile
My life finds the worth
A human ever could have

And you look so beautiful!

© Moonomo, 2012Original Image


Poem: Belongs

Poem: Belongs


I found a butterfly, so beautiful
full of colors of no known name
inside the book of my soul

I found a pigeon, or two
mingle the peace and the hope
sings a song I never knew

I found a wind, so powerful
my heart flys and toss and flows
the wave and tide in my eyes

I found my other soul,
belongs to you and only you
my heart is just holding the love.

© Moonomo, 2011Image


Poem: Doubt – Draft for myself

Doubt - Draft for myself - Poem

(Doubt – Draft for myself)

Who you are?
I didn’t have to ask myself, until
I realize I don’t have the answer.

I knew who I am- one of the human kind-
Live to alive the lifeline
And up for “change the world”.

I never doubt about my steps-
They are strong and ambitious, until
I reach the state of stability

Happiness and fun fulfilled my eyes

Sorrow and weakness wasn’t there at all
And I had to lookback-

Who you are? What is your purpose?

Am I the last person to ask myself!

© Moonomo, 2011Image


Poem: A draft for myself

A draft for myself - Poem

(A draft for myself)

I need a place to keep myself-

Every morning I suppose to wake up late
Run for the office, ruin the breakfast
And my colleague will tell me
I forget to match my socks.

At evening I wont go anywhere
I need to keep myself alone for the night-

Enjoying the moonlight and white clouds
Listen to the blues
I would love to play guitar but I’ve to learn that
It’s not bad to have some coffee
And reading weird news on the paper

Since I’ll have my dark night
I could concentrate for the enlightenment

I need a place to keep myself
Somewhere, to do things everyman do
But I wont be one of them
My innerself wont effort to be a ordinary person
I don’t need to prove anything to anyone

I just need a place to keep myself lonely.

© Moonomo, 2011Image