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SuperPack- the fastest approved Plugin on WordPress Directory

SuperPack v0.1.0: my very first plugin published on WordPress Plugin Directory.

Guess what, it took only 5 minutes to be approved after I’ve uploaded to the directory! Crazy timing- not usual as well! ;)

Though, The ‘fastest’ are when core-dev is making a new feature plugin and need it in and up ASAP.

It’s the very first iteration to put steps on the Open Source WordPress repository, a long way to go. :)))

And, it made my day!!


WordPress Origin Story

2003: Stumbled into the first version of WordPress. Other than taking a few peek, interest defused and moved to other thing (diverted to desktop app programming).

2006: Started personal blog with WordPress (self hosted).

2007: Initiated Bangla Translation Project for WordPress (called Meghdut). Curated and acted as the lead translator. WordPress.com made available in Bangla (Bengali) Language.

2010: Retired old blog. Started another blog, and soon started writing ‘Haiku’.

2014: Founded Splendo.us, a little more than fabulous WordPress Theme Company.


^^ Updated on my WordPress Profile, couldn’t resist to post a copy here!


What keeps me alive and help me kicking things

Here we go. I’ll try to be precise in a few words.

Things that keep me alive:

  • Usually I have infinite confidence. Whenever I’ve shortage of that supply, you wont find me anywhere. Not family or friends or acquaintances- no one finds me then. Where do I go? I visit me-self, explore the universe, beyond the earth and heaven, including hell to extract and pump my braincells. Then I’m there- against all odds, fears, good or evils, I stand strong on my feet.
  • I’m always honest. To share my mistakes, my shortcoming and what I don’t understand. I take responsibility. It’s a great deed that not only my friends even those foes who think I’m their enemy will agreed on their heart (no, they don’t talk about it ever but they agreed many times!).
  • Things that I don’t know (the list is huge) whenever I needed to know, I’m capable of learning fast, may be, sometimes, too fast. What I love most is that, I find- what I need to know- the process is the most amazing journey- I sacrificed so many things many many times just to do that.
  • I’m perfectionist. I work hard to get it to at certain point- I agree nothing is perfect and no one is perfect, but I have my fair share on achieving the status quota.
  • May be, just may be, a lot of the time, I’m that wicked dreamer. Sometime, I’m the warrior. And other times I’m just a lover of things on earth! :)

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Not fame, not money and not women

My interest in Computer technology grew back in 1999, just when I finish high school and then I got my first personal computer. Started to stumble into learning myself the ins and out of the technology, my initial goal was to get my hands on Design/Media management. At that time I was so involved with writing community and magazines related stuffs.

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TheFind Joining Facebook

Just come to know Facebook acquired TheFind- it’s the alternative search engine for Online Products – http://www.thefind.com/

Back in 2009-2011 I’ve worked with their core team, and built TheFind Coupons (coupons.thefind.com) in a few iteration – which was later thoroughly integrated into their search engines alongside products results.

It’s great feeling that they’re now joining Facebook- Congrats to the team!

UPDATE (Mar 26, 2015): Links to Techcrunch cover story Facebook Buys And Shuts Down Shopping Site TheFind To Boost Commerce In Ads


Code is Poetry

Duh! How time files~

Last year I first started using Grunt into my Development process- rendering LESS was the starter- later moved to SASS/SCSS.

The fun lead to utilizing more and more automated task for WordPress development (for example automated RTL version of the CSS, making MO/PO etc), but then focus distributed to too many things like Designing the UI, then preparing code-base to testing out UX. Eventually along with tons of trail and test, the whole product evolution went on and Design gets a shape.

Not to mention- then the black-whole shines my life-in-between too (those ‘Who Am I‘ posts noted a few things though). Had had to move on, anyway.

When got back into finalize the code- multiple revision took place, Design-Code-Test, repeat again, innovating new ways to do the thing and so so. Finally, time comes to build-up the release. Pleasingly, built few things that’s unique to current WordPress echo system.

Now, looking into the WordPress Core development process just feels amazing- they too merged into last year and even built coolest cool WordPress Frontier thingy- A New Frontier for Core Development.

I just have had to rearrange my setup and make it same same. Next step should be to check into their Unit Testing methodology and build process for my codes.

Mixed feelings is that- how on earth I took that many month to sit for release!! Duh!!