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Walking in Life with out Doctors

I literally can’t remember when was the last time that I’d to visit doctors for my own health issue. And then, as far as I can squish memories, there were couple of headache in every few months- due to less-sleep, working on different monitors etc, or extra long sleeps- :p. Might be a few food-poison-related issues once in, may be six months, or in a year! There were most likely one, or two half-day-long-fever that tried to convince my body to stay longer but couldn’t. None of ’em warrant a call to doctors.

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Old is gold

Each year passes by and when I read back my (old) writing I can see tons of mistakes (grammatical/typos/what not). Seems like only last couple of years, once I started writing on Moonstruck- it gets better- at least, it passed from having tons of mistakes. ;)

Back in the earlier decade (before 2010), while what I wanted to say somewhat holds in the writing but now reading back these making me laugh out loud! Well, I was reading my old blog “Banglasavvy”- ;P

Thinking about restoring the domain and put back these contents- a lots of memories they hold.


The Time with WordPress Teams

WordPress “Billie” 4.3 has been released today. It has many great features including Site Icons, New Password System, Customizer Improvements and many other things including improvements like ‘Turning off comments on Page by Default’.

Last few months I’ve been spending time on WordPress Slack channels and so far engaged in a lot of conversations- suggested few correction on the new Handbook Docs for themes, pushed Site Icons feature priority with others, argued with Helen (Lead WP Dev) and Core Devs to giving ‘Turning off comments on Page by Default’ feature a priority, enticed Matt (WordPress Founder) to re-innovate WordPress Theme Directory and had so many great arguments and conversation with WordPress Org Theme-Review-Team for theme requirements and other improvements. The best part was the meeting with great minded people over there.

And, so far I was also able to keep me out of Props list- ;)

Looking forward for more in-depth contribution in 4.4 and beyond, hoping I’ll get into core patches and giving hands on other things along with many awesome people who making the WordPress greater with each release.


TagBold – The First BuddyPress Premium-Grade Theme

Created BuddyPress theme on Oct, 2009 called TagBold– supposed to be first premium-grade open source BuddyPress theme- didn’t happen. Sigh.

At that time, BuddyPress just released version 1.1 and was gaining the momentum- I hand crafted every features they had and added few. Didn’t happen due to two reasons:

  • BuddyPress went to huge iteration for the next couple of months
  • I got busy with BloggersDotCom and re-used some major UI from TagBold to the Social Network, which actually boosted the popularity pretty fast. I’d built BloggersDotCom on anew framework, where I built similar social features but not BuddyPress in the backend.

And for the same reason (BloggersDotCom) I’ve abandoned months of works for opening up a Theme Shop for WordPress Themes, back in 2009. Well, many theme shops pop up in 2010 and they gained a huge market in next years- while I was busy making the best social network for Bloggers- :)

Interestingly, I’m now working on WordPress theme shop once again at a time when WordPress itself going through another change-set that recently gaining many controversial feedback from the community. This time, I’m staying put and they most likely going to change the world one more time-

Life is wonderful and full of surprise! :))