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Open Source and People around it-

To my experience, there are three distinguish type of people who evolve around Open Source for following:

  1. Carry the true meaning of it, to make, share and to do whatever they want (freedom and usefulness).
  2. It’s their way to reaching more people, gaining fame and to brag- even if they pretend to be humble and generous.
  3. It’s their ultimate business model- they try to show the beauty of it, but intent to take advantage of that only for money.

More or less, it’s great to up for fame, money along with that pure happiness of creating and sharing.

I’m ‘fortunate’ enough to engaged with so called ‘people’, the more they expressed their ‘love’ for open source the more turns out they were after the fame and/or money- nothing else matter to them. At time they always stubbed other ‘partner’ or ‘contributor’ for their ‘benefit’.

Whoever claim they are doing ‘open source’ only because of the beauty of it- that’s the culprit. Mark ’em and careful-


What keeps me alive and help me kicking things

Here we go. I’ll try to be precise in a few words.

Things that keep me alive:

  • Usually I have infinite confidence. Whenever I’ve shortage of that supply, you wont find me anywhere. Not family or friends or acquaintances- no one finds me then. Where do I go? I visit me-self, explore the universe, beyond the earth and heaven, including hell to extract and pump my braincells. Then I’m there- against all odds, fears, good or evils, I stand strong on my feet.
  • I’m always honest. To share my mistakes, my shortcoming and what I don’t understand. I take responsibility. It’s a great deed that not only my friends even those foes who think I’m their enemy will agreed on their heart (no, they don’t talk about it ever but they agreed many times!).
  • Things that I don’t know (the list is huge) whenever I needed to know, I’m capable of learning fast, may be, sometimes, too fast. What I love most is that, I find- what I need to know- the process is the most amazing journey- I sacrificed so many things many many times just to do that.
  • I’m perfectionist. I work hard to get it to at certain point- I agree nothing is perfect and no one is perfect, but I have my fair share on achieving the status quota.
  • May be, just may be, a lot of the time, I’m that wicked dreamer. Sometime, I’m the warrior. And other times I’m just a lover of things on earth! :)

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Not fame, not money and not women

My interest in Computer technology grew back in 1999, just when I finish high school and then I got my first personal computer. Started to stumble into learning myself the ins and out of the technology, my initial goal was to get my hands on Design/Media management. At that time I was so involved with writing community and magazines related stuffs.

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