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The Future of WordPress

“What should WordPress be used for?”
“What is WordPress’ long term vision aka roadmap?”

John O’Nolan asked to the community, on http://john.onolan.org/calypso/

How about a system, which empower the “back-end” for most simple to complex “thing”- for developers, it’s a starter and “engine” to build- for users it’s a power-full “thing” to use on any web-host (or, without host).

The “front-end”, as the Calypso– is just one way of doing it. It could be done differently, and I assume Matt wants to see what community would build, could come up with, or mix other things to get “the one” to be included with the “WordPress Pack”.

It’s my grasp on the matter. Time will reveal itself. :)


What Clients Don’t Know

Here’s another talk from Mike Monteiro regarding responsibilities to getting the things done rightfully.

Earlier, I saw on twitter that Matt said something about WordPress Theme Industry on WordCamp Europe but I missed it. I was pushing WordPress Org admins (including Matt) for certain changes (I’ll share about those in a post), so I kinda felt annoyed to miss the talk- and then watch other talks on WordCamp Europe. Their YouTube live streaming sort-of flickered now and then, may be had some technical issue from the organizer.

Ended up watching Monteiro talking strongly, as that always makes me feel better- :))