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Advice vs Envato Bangladesh Facebook Group

There is a saying in Bangla: you can judge a dish of rice by examine one piece of it. For people it’s not proper way to judge (most of the time). Then there is another saying, you can understand about the boss by meeting with one of their employee. Is the employee a bad person? The boss most likely would be worse. When the boss is a great person, you will see a reflation in the employees.

For a community, the same sense applies. Does one moderator/advocate turns out rough or nice? The admins are to point- they are the people who keeps it that way.

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Comparison should only come in play when something needs to weigh on for understanding differences or, to spot what scope is there that is different or similar.

Other than that, comparing different people, or things or whatever is a waste of energy and doesn’t bring much of a value. Every people is unique, every ‘thing’ is unique (for example, when two things are exactly the same- they still are two different entity occupying different space).

That being said, never compare a thing or people to judge and claim any entitlement. That would be like shooting in your own feet.


The Only Constant Is Change

Raise words, not voice! Raising words works better- may takes time but definitely works. For years, been around, engaged in conversations- talked about various aspect of the WordPress Repository (specially the Theme Directory).

Pointed needs of improvements, argued for ways to go for it and pushed where it was needed. There were more people doing the same- interestingly, it all getting worked out more or less- with time.

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REST in WordPress – A Divine Arguments

A divine arguments about the strategy to include API in core is in play- REST API meeting summary, Feb 4 had a blast with arguments.

We believe that the progressive enhancement approach is the best approach for continuing API development. Progressive enhancement is a paradigm the REST API project must adopt, if it’s an API we want to add to (without breaking backwards compatibility) over the next 10 years.

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