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Tale: The Old Man

Tale: The Old Man

(The Old Man)

I moved to new house. I love the place. It’s besides the lake, a cool walkway between. On the first morning- I saw the Old man.

I couldn’t sleep well first night but I leave the bed exactly at 6:00 AM. I saw the Old man as soon as I put brush on my teeth- it was 6:07 AM.

He catches my eyes with his tortuous steps on the walkway. To pass the tiny space he takes 3 minutes and 48 seconds. I got the timing next day- his move was too slow that I had to count the timing.

It took few days to adjust my mind to stay calm and see his every steps. And soon I like it.

It become a routin. I see the Old man on the walkway- I put my brush on my teeth. He went outside of my eyesight I stop brushing- in between I see him moving like snail.

Soon he noticed me, too. He stops after 15 steps- raise a hand to me and give a smile. Take another 15 steps and go outside of my sight.

On avarage it is 7.6 seconds for taking one single step.

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