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Poem: A draft for myself

A draft for myself - Poem

(A draft for myself)

I need a place to keep myself-

Every morning I suppose to wake up late
Run for the office, ruin the breakfast
And my colleague will tell me
I forget to match my socks.

At evening I wont go anywhere
I need to keep myself alone for the night-

Enjoying the moonlight and white clouds
Listen to the blues
I would love to play guitar but I’ve to learn that
It’s not bad to have some coffee
And reading weird news on the paper

Since I’ll have my dark night
I could concentrate for the enlightenment

I need a place to keep myself
Somewhere, to do things everyman do
But I wont be one of them
My innerself wont effort to be a ordinary person
I don’t need to prove anything to anyone

I just need a place to keep myself lonely.

© Moonomo, 2011Image