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Rant of the day-

To whom it may concern- there is no failure. Only winning or learning. There is no glory when you’re up to impress someone or everyone. Pride is a sickness, not happiness.

Appreciate what you have, and offer a solution to the problems, or else just accept it and live with it.

For what it’s worth, life is about seeking knowledge, and not to be afraid of making mistakes to improve eventually.


Omaar Osmaan


WordPress Origin Story

2003: Stumbled into the first version of WordPress. Other than taking a few peek, interest defused and moved to other thing (diverted to desktop app programming).

2006: Started personal blog with WordPress (self hosted).

2007: Initiated Bangla Translation Project for WordPress (called Meghdut). Curated and acted as the lead translator. WordPress.com made available in Bangla (Bengali) Language.

2010: Retired old blog. Started another blog, and soon started writing ‘Haiku’.

2014: Founded Splendo.us, a little more than fabulous WordPress Theme Company.


^^ Updated on my WordPress Profile, couldn’t resist to post a copy here!