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Haiku: Existence


Cyclone, earthquake, or
Tsunami end quickly
But outcome does not.

Love in first sight could
Happens only once, but the
Feeling lives lifetime.

Happiness, or pain
How long you carry with you,
Totally your choice.

Omaar Osmaan
May 5, 2019 Sunday

#haiku #poetry

Footnote: image collected from Pinterest.


It’s My Life

It’s never gonna be old. It’s my life- just like Bon Jovi told- it’s now or never- I ain’t gonna live forever. I just want to live while I’m alive- :)

You’re gonna hear my voice. When I shout it out loud- It’s my life.

There’s nothing beat the happiness of creating things. Back and forth- that’s I’ve been doing lately-and enjoying life the fullest.

Loving it!