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Tale: Debt

Tale: Debt


“How much do you need?”
“Not much. A little would do. I owe lunch for two days to the guy next door. I owe few cloths to my roommate- just need to send to laundry.”
“That’s all?”
“Hm- I owe few bucks to landlord for the rent. And I had broken his doorlock few days back.”
“Anything else?”
“I could have a tour in Hawaii. You know…”
“Oh well!”
“If you don’t mind, actually, I wanted to visit Himalaya. I would definitely meet those great Gurus.”
“So- how much do you need?”
“Do I have to pay you back soon?”
“You do not have to think about that now.”

Damn! It took few moments to understand- Someone knocking the door. I just woke up.

Those are my debt, and still is my headache!

© Moonomo, 2011Image

Disclaimer: It’s a tale of someone whom I don’t know, whom I never met. In plain English, it’s a tiny tale.