TheFind Joining Facebook

Just come to know Facebook acquired TheFind- it’s the alternative search engine for Online Products –

Back in 2009-2011 I’ve worked with their core team, and built TheFind Coupons ( in a few iteration – which was later thoroughly integrated into their search engines alongside products results.

It’s great feeling that they’re now joining Facebook- Congrats to the team!

UPDATE (Mar 26, 2015): Links to Techcrunch cover story Facebook Buys And Shuts Down Shopping Site TheFind To Boost Commerce In Ads


  1. It’s nice to know what you have done before with TheFind. Congrats to you, Omo, for your achievements back then.

    It’s through this blog, I got to know about it. Glad you share it with us. I’ve taken a look at it and will do so again. :)

    Thank you, Omo. :)

    1. Omo

      At first I’ve done a project called “TheFindBuzz” for the TheFind, Inc (in other word they hired Moonrank USA LLC)- success of which lead to working with their core team to build TheFind Coupons.

      I’ve had really productive time throughout 2008 to 2013- done a lots of coolest cool projects some of which worth remembering and mentioning! Quite a few projects have some not-so-regular, or, interesting story behind it- I’ve been thinking to write it down and share it. :)))

      Thanks BB, it’s always great feelings to share with you!

  2. Good to know that the project you worked for is joining Facebook, Congrats! :)

    Would definitely like to know more about your other projects as well. :))

    1. Omo

      Kitty, I’m yet to settle whether the story would go recent events to older events, or the opposite, whether it would be a personal point of view or kind of journal log- should I go back to early years when my goals of becoming a writer changed to becoming a maker of things on computers- :)))

      For sure I have to pen it down one way or another!! Glad for the interest! Many thanks-

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