The Only Constant Is Change

Raise words, not voice! Raising words works better- may takes time but definitely works. For years, been around, engaged in conversations- talked about various aspect of the WordPress Repository (specially the Theme Directory).

Pointed needs of improvements, argued for ways to go for it and pushed where it was needed. There were more people doing the same- interestingly, it all getting worked out more or less- with time.

First there was the Testimonial pages update (didn’t see that coming) and now the Plugin Directory v3 are being hatched- and in Theme Directory it’s happening too (slowly but it’s happening).

Just immediately after the following comments on WPtavern- so happy about it. At least changes are happening- and the only constant is change. More to come in the future- no doubt. :)

Is WordPress moving too fast? Look at WordPress repository- 12 weeks for Theme Approval time- Fast enough?

Automation? Theme Directory improvement? A year old irony.

May be another year to look forward for improving WordPress.org (be that Theme/Plugin Directory or the Docs/Codex)- not just pushing a few things here or there to make a nice “List of improvements”- but the actual improvements that would mark the progress with effectiveness.

The problem w/ WordPress.org isn’t lack of volunteers- spending enough time around, as far as I’ve understood the issue is lack of focus-

While the full-energy spent on WordPress the software, not-enough energy are spending for the experience around it to help people moving along.

My 2 cents.

Absolutely- :)

And then, there might be more things going on than what we see- may be the rapid changes on WordPress the software- getting somewhere so fast that it doesn’t make sense to optimize decade old things on WordPress.org- may be tons of things are already became so obsolete that the whole needs a make over.

The best of the echo-system is that, like you’ve said, the community will find one way or another- to get it right, at the right time- ;)

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  1. Omo, I like the post tittle and the whole lot of what you wrote here. But one thing for sure, I can’t comment further as I have no idea of how WordPress functions ( many, many things that link to it) :P

    Totally agree with you, raise words, not voice!

    Worth your two cents. :)

    1. Omaar Osmaan

      You see, BB- this is the problem WordPress.org should’ve solve in some manner but are failing very badly, that is: People who don’t know WordPress, and land in the official site- they just scared off looking at the homepage!! Does it gives proper attention to them? Not at all- the homepage (and all of it) scared ’em like a monster-fatboss-hibijibi (unnecessary/obsolete things complected the experience for them)! :)))

      New User Experience (NUX) sucks, totally.

      What sucks more, WordPress.org currently scare off the (new, even power) developers (and too many feel uncomfortable so they staying out of it)- because it’s a complete mess! So much so that, those who maintains it not even dare to dive deep to fix it!! Spending years, I felt that, the problem lies as if- who will take responsibility for it? Skilled in ‘writing codes’ can’t solve it alone- it requires both visionaries, and tons of efforts from different skill range- it’s easier to keep escaping from it by fixing a things or two- and (kinda) wait for People to complain- so they can sort out these complaints to focus, and make ‘priorities’, and go forward somehow.

      Truth is there are plenty of things needs attention, and voluntary efforts can cover only a few things (that’s another best and worse part of it). Just like a snail, a simple things that could improve something in a greater level- hangs for years after years! Interestingly, full-timers got used to with it- and so it becomes the way to keep it going. :)

      Can’t really complain about it- although few things hurts the heart sometimes. I learned not to hit them in the wall too much (Hehehe)- Despite what I told, it’s changing one way or another. That deserves appreciation- and (maybe) enough to be happy about it. :)

      Thank you, BB- that two cents really became surprisingly worthy (to me), because they moved into doing the hard work- finally!

  2. Thank you, thank you , thank you. This is exactly what I am talking about to the German wordpress.org community. There are people willing to contribute but they are lost due to the lack of focus. Just a few days ago I wanted to contribute to the developer docs and ended up pasting my text to a trac ticket hoping one of the core committers will do the job. The wordpress.org UX is simply spoken not the best recommendation for WordPress and urgently needs a facelift.

    1. Omaar Osmaan

      So glad to find you! Let’s keep talking about it- Just like what you shared, there would have been much more effective collaborative progress when WordPress.org provides the tools and helps keep the focus better (as well, may be, the obsolete things need to be un-linked to not confuse any further).

      Among the many priority, the cleanup and facelift really needs to progress with higher outcome! Let’s keep the peer-pressure.

      Thank you!

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