The notion of “Workaholic”

Can you imagine a work-free life? A whole day, nothing to do. Sounds great. A work-less week would be greater-

Bunch of weeks and then months or years? Honestly, you will just end up being mad for not doing any ‘work’. Our mind actually need ‘works’ to juggle the world around us-

Finding passion, a reason why you will do the ‘job’ helps you to inspire to keep doing it. Find your reason.

Secondly, don’t just keep working and working- Look for ways how you can simplify the process of your work. How can you manage the effort to boost the outcome. Once you up for that challenge- work just become sweet. Challenge your work.

Lastly, have fun doing it! That’s precious-


~ In response to the question asked on Quora.


  1. It’ll be such a boring life. So unproductive, no progress, no innovations…..will be dead boring. I’ll be like waking up each day just to see the sun rises and then wait for it to set. I can imagine it! Without work, one’s mind will be so stagnant.

    The irony is too much works can also make one feel bored especially when working under the directives of someone else. Stress level will be rising high when couldn’t live up to the expectations of the superiors. The only advantage is the brain cells will be working at its out-most best!

    So much of my mumbo-jumbo.

    On a personal stance, I’d say that we should know the purposes of life to make it more meaningful. I agree with you about the passion in doing one’s work. Only then, we’ll be able to do well with credibility and integrity and lastly, enjoy what we’re doing. :)

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Omo. :)

    1. Omo

      Love your mumbo-jumbo, BB- :))

      Tagore said something like- Think your life as space, as in open field. Work is the wall to protect the space from dangers, hassle of the wild etc – now, bigger the space you have the better.

      Alas! Some of us ending up making wall and making it stronger that forget everything else- and vice versa.

      Glad to have your part of the thoughts- :))

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