The Journey of Life

Life is about making memories so you can have a smile in your alone time. The more you’ve such memories, the more successful you are.

There are times we tend to prioritize many different focus in our life but end of the day when we get to have self-time, it ends well only with a smile, or else the days worth nothing.

Think about it- how do you going to have that pure smile, days after days?

While we may have fun all around, it’s not easy to keep that pure spirit when no one is looking and we’re alone at some point. And then, years or decades after, most memories fades. You really need to have something brightest to keep you content with things/events/people in your memories- only that makes it the achievement at the end to keep producing the smile for your very self, and enjoy the life to its best potential.


  1. At whatever stages of life, we surely have some sweet memories. To me, they are for keeps. It’s really hard not to smile when you think about them and as you said when you’re alone. Yeah, that’s the purest. :)

    But I do smile sometimes when I’m around people. Not because of something that happens at that moment but it’s when my mind suddenly brings back some sweet memories. Some jokes with friends, for examples. Hehehe

    Thank you, Omo, for sharing your thoughts on this. :)

    1. Omaar Osmaan

      You’re very right, some sweet memories are for keeps- these are somewhat our “Choices” to pick on our own. There are times we used to pick a very simple memory and preserve alongside the best ones, other times we neglect or forget something sweet due to consequential memories. Ultimately, only when we keep collecting from our very life and choose to be happy with it, memories becomes the ultimate resources for the happiness of life. :)

      Friends are the best mates to keep making the sweet memories, they are the precious gifts of life to keep walking with. :))

      Thank you, BB- it’s my pleasure to be expressive to keep sharing things!

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