TagBold – The First BuddyPress Premium-Grade Theme

Created BuddyPress theme on Oct, 2009 called TagBold– supposed to be first premium-grade open source BuddyPress theme- didn’t happen. Sigh.

At that time, BuddyPress just released version 1.1 and was gaining the momentum- I hand crafted every features they had and added few. Didn’t happen due to two reasons:

  • BuddyPress went to huge iteration for the next couple of months
  • I got busy with BloggersDotCom and re-used some major UI from TagBold to the Social Network, which actually boosted the popularity pretty fast. I’d built BloggersDotCom on anew framework, where I built similar social features but not BuddyPress in the backend.

And for the same reasonĀ (BloggersDotCom) I’ve abandoned months of works for opening up a Theme Shop for WordPress Themes, back in 2009. Well, many theme shops pop up in 2010 and they gained a huge market in next years- while I was busy making the best social network for Bloggers- :)

Interestingly, I’m now working on WordPress theme shop once again at a time when WordPress itself going through another change-set that recently gaining many controversial feedback from the community. This time, I’m staying put and they most likely going to change the world one more time-

Life is wonderful and full of surprise! :))



  1. It’s wonderful to know about many things via your posts. Keep posting! :)

    1. Omo

      Much appreciated, Kitty- will do! :)

  2. WoW! It says more than I could say verbally.

    Keep changing the world, Omo. You have got the hands in it. Pleased to know what have kept you busy all this while. :))

    1. Omo

      Thank you, BB- :))

      Very much appreciated, you know.

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