1. This quote speaks volumes. You really mean what you say and it also goes to the extent of how determine you are to see what you are working on really works. In the long run it benefits many people world wide.

    The good look of the design does matter but won’t be of much use when not functioning as expected. I don’t know how people design and do coding. I am a user not a designer. Hehehe

    Do what you are doing, do it well, Omo. :)

    1. Omo

      Thank you, BB- for the inspiration! :)

      Yes, there are “designs” that impress first, then disappointed none-the-less due to not fitting the purpose or for not working as expected (one interesting example here). A lot of people who are not in the industry, and a lot of designers who yet to achieve enough experience, miss the point of what design actually is- they mix up the term with “decoration”.

      You’ll see Apple attach a “design by” tag on each of their product- and there’s a usual term to explain a feature like “by the design it’s work like that”.

    2. Omo

      There could be “User Interface Designers” (commonly known as Web Designers, misleading term though) and “System Designers”- who design the architect and the core nature of it.

      Whether system or front-end, a “design” means how it works, not only how it looks or feels.

      1. Got the points. Keep the ball rolling!

        Thank you, Omo. :)

    1. Omo

      Thank you, Kitty- :D

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