Shaping your Wisdom

Most of the time, Wisdom hit you in an unexpected ways- in fact, you’ll be surprised how on earth you’re realizing all of it all of a sudden. Once that happens, you’ve to think harder, wonder about and put your best efforts to analyze the realization- is it could be really true? Is it a heliutunation? Could it be just a biased and faulty realization?

Eventually, the more you try to dismiss it or try to validate it in so many different angel/perspective, when still you feel like, yeah, you get it figured out right. Then try to accept the grasp from many different perspective again, and then when it feels like ‘Ti’s explain it perfectly’, OMG.

Sleep on it, put the wisdom in a box for a few more hours/days/weeks. Do you still feel the same as it first poped up on your mind?

Congrats! Carefully realize what the wisdom is telling you, over and over, take your time and trim any doubt you had in you about it. Then, take a long breath now and then to see what actions does your Wisdom suggest.

Once you gone through all of that process, you know what needs to be done. Have the courage? Go, and don’t look back, however don’t forget to validate impact of your actions once you went though one or more steps.

Don’t have the courage? Shut up, and go back to your Wisdom-less life. It’s Okay, to be that boneless person, most people have it, so can you. No shame on it, after all you get what you use your strength for. No pain, no gain.

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