Shake it, and ride the tide

Every single person and things have up and down, down and up. It’s like the wave in the ocean- right there flowing gentle now, then the storm makes it mountain.

Ride the tide, and enjoy the ride while you can- don’t bother what state you’re in, ’cause you know life is the roller coaster!

Yolo, shake it well- ❤️.


  1. Sometimes, the tide and wind are too strong. That make us helpless in the vast ocean. Anyway, some could make it through.

    No negative feeling intended. Just a voice of mine. I’d get ready a strong surf board that can bring me safely to the shore. As you said, enjoy the ride. It will make me forget that I can’t swim!

    An inspiration! Thank you, Omo.

    1. Omaar Osmaan

      You know, life tends to remind us that we’re really really small- and the mountain stand there strong! Luckily, life goes on, and bring back the gentle wave- or, we walk over the mountain, and keep moving forward!

      It’s Okay, to stop for a while- weigh the negative feelings, and then keep surfing. :)

      Life is wonderful, BB- thank you so much for your support!

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