Senses of no-sense!

Sometimes words tend to play hide-n-seek, every time you put your hands on keyboard or the pen, words get puzzled and tend not to make sense.

Other times, words drops as if rain without ending, you could just glue words after words, and viola- thought becomes musical, does not matter whether they make sense or not. :P

Miss my days of writing Haiku- and walking around blogging universe!

But. Ahoy. Happy new year!


  1. It’s the 12th day and the new year is still new. Happy New Year to you and everyone here!

    Hide-n-seek is the name of the game…it’s fun, yunno! Once you know the tricks, you’ll jump in excitement and say, “Yay! Gotcha!”

    What you said is rightly-said. Writing block happens for some reasons (as if I know what!). It’s like words are stored in a dam, waiting for the right time to be released and flooded a barren valley. Make sense? :)

    Like you, I miss a lot of things where blogging is concerned. I miss blogwalking and awesome friends I got to know in blogsphere. Now, let’s get back on our feet and start writing again like what we used to do. I have told Mr Time to be kind to me or else…..

    Thank you, Omo, for this note. It wakes me up from a very deep sleep! :)

    P.S. I wrote a comment earlier but was surprised, even without the knowledge of what David Blaine has, I have made it disappeared! A good sign that I might become an illusionist. :P

    In case, you could see the other comment, just choose which one is the best. No award promised!

    1. Omaar Osmaan

      Rightly right you’re BB, as if we know writers block will be there for brief time only- and why, but again what exactly do we know? Wondering and pondering around is what we can do at times. and yell, “Yay! Gotcha!” :)))

      I like your saying, let’s get back to blogging- keep jumping as we used to do- given that we’ll figure out something to write now and then. Hehehe- :P

      BTW you are master illusionist, didn’t see other comment like you said. Scratching my head to grasp- if I can see disappeared words that might explain what David Blaine knows about and who he really is. On a second thought, some illusion might be awarded, no?

      Happy wishes for you, too, BB, as always! :)

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