Life give us vast and impressive amount of energy- the brain cell once tuned up for gathering the senses and concentrate to delicate things towards improvement, what a human can do immensely impact the very life itself.

Gaining sanity, the first step. It’s done. Confidence is the ally- it’s strong. Struggle is the path. Looking forward- :)


  1. Yes, indeed! If energy could be put into good use, then one could live life to the fullest.

    Imagine what millions of brain cells could do! Amazing, right? Let’s not lose sanity – keep it intact.

    When the confidence level is high, whatever it is to struggle for will be easily overcome.

    What more should I say, Omo? You have said it all – short and sweet. I’m speechless. :)

    P.S. 1st May, in shade? Nice! :)

    1. Omo

      Thank you, BB- :D

      Collective knowledge and experience passed through thousands of years and it only getting better by and large (though with exceptions here and there!). You’re right, sanity keeps us in check at end of the day- :)

      Well, don’t know why I’m not much comfortable with dark shade but wanted to try for a change for a long time- so here it is. :)))

  2. Self-realization? :)
    Realizing our abilities, knowing how helpful our surrounding is; will help us to get the best out of our lives..
    Yes, we all are looking forward to it. :)

    1. Omo

      It’s more of a self-reminder- :)

      You know, back in the days of BloggersDotCom I was sort of on top of it- just like practicing the habit makes you stronger and mastermind. Then realized few things were not going to proper direction- tried to fix it and it collapsed for obvious reasons.

      I tried to keep in sane but knew it going to break things for a time, frustration would make things worse (experienced such hard scenario before)- instead of trying to recover fast took the path of hibernation to understand some more ‘things’-

      Worse time gives the opportunity to ‘catch’ intentions better and it did help in a great way- as a bonus it messed up time and things including the strength of sanity.

      Hence, it’s also kind of acknowledging that brain cells functioning better and better again, sanity taking the control of senses- :))

      Thanks Kitty- you see, I’m still talking nonsense, but may be things started to make sense little by little- Hahahaha.

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