Music: Rome

I’m sure I would love this music even more if I were a teenager! I couldn’t resist to share and claim the video as a coolest cool compilation. How creative is it? See all those still photographs having life and gives a stunning example of youth.

At least, may be, I should brag to having a younger and complicated mind than a young hood! :))


  1. Indeed the coolest video! The still photos are simply awesome. Black and white look classic but always beautiful.

    I think we can feel like teenagers at heart. :) It’ll make us feel good! :) Thanks for sharing this coolest video.

    1. Omo

      Hey BB! Those days I thought I’m Old (as in deep) though I was kid- now this has been opposite- I think I’m Young (as in craze)!

      Those aren’t feelings to feel good- I am one of the young(er) hood! LOL

      Glad you like the video- :)

      1. LOL..why is it that we always have different thoughts at different times and usually opposite?? Once when I was a kid, I admired my teacher and said I would want to be like her (as old as her!) so that I could enjoy life and dressed up beautifully like her. But now I wouldn’t want to say that again cos I want to be a kid! A coincidence with your thought! :)

      2. Omo

        May be a feature of human? :)

        As long as you want to be someone older than you- you’re Young! The day you start wanting to be a kid- indeed you’re Old! :))

        I guess those craze make us feel good- not thinking the age- but the craziness- :D

      3. Hey, Omo! We haven’t reached that “OLD” yet! Still alive and kicking! That means we’re kids!! LOL

      4. Omo

        Ya! I told- the younger! ;P

  2. I am feeling so alone!

    I must be older than ancient history!!

    I envy both of you, Omo and BB!!!

    Doing my best, yet!!

    1. Omo

      You making me jealous- :))

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