1. This is really nice! It is in its simplest form but caries a wide meaning. Love the pic too. Haiku and pic complements each other. So beautiful! :)

    1. Omo

      Intentionally I’m ignoring any complex form of words (that sometimes brings depth though) and trying to catch things we said in a Haiku form. Thanks for the nice words! ;)

      1. I’m also poor in using bombastic words. I’m more to simplicity. So, I’ll write anything the way I want it to be. What’s important is it’s still in its concept and easy to understand. Sometimes, I don’t even know whether I write poems or haiku or what? LOL…I just let the ideas flow. That’s what you can see in my blog. Remember, I’m a simple person. :)

        Hey, it’s always my pleasure to comment nicely and I mean it. :)

      2. Omo

        Simplicity is the thing most people can’t keep- I guess it applies to poetry, too! ;)

        I’ve to appreciate your words- I do!

  2. You know, I actually needed this. Thanks moon! :D

    1. Omo

      Taking a break and touching our feelings surely helps! You’re welcome, Harish! :)

  3. Bella Foxx

    I like this.

    1. Omo

      Thank you Bella. :)

  4. Greatest!

    There is a bind between the picture, the haiku and the reader!

    You are gifted, my friend! I reckon I am nearer to haiku since you have taken a hand to them!

    But it seems I am alone with ‘complexity’, maybe this is why I cannot write haiku. And worse I am of the legion that cannot keep simplicity at hand!!! :) :) Will you and busy Bee forgive me? I am guilty, guilty as sin!!! Sorry :) Cannot expound a thought if I do not use some high flown term that is ignored even by reference books!!! LOL!

    I am kidding, dude! could not resist the temptation!!!!!! :) ;) :P

    1. Sorry, Omo, I have to cut que and respond to this.
      @Od, your gift is beyond compare. You are the living dictionary. Complexity is your forte. Personally, I really admire your superb writings. I could feel that I’m slowly turning green! Hehehe…beware! You know how to complete my ‘hanging’ sentence.
      We were born on different dates. Moon was born in miaw year, so his style is miawing, whereas me born in bee year, so I buzz non-stop. Now, isn’t it clear the differences between us? Miawing, buzzing and….? Omo, where are you??

    2. Omo

      Thanks my friend. This one took more stroke from the hammer and the picture almost was outside my binocular. You giving me comfort. ;)

      Being a complex person may be somehow I could end up in simplicity. ;P

      Your wording giving us breaths and fill our wishes we can’t fill elsewhere. Keep that practice so we learn the new words for free!. :D
      Confession only good people do, I’m glad to have good friends around me. Keep coming please. ;)

      1. @Od, we are blessed to have a very good friend like you. I can always refer to you if in doubt of anything, especially in writing. Thanks! :)

    3. Omo

      @Balqis I was taking care of my head- it’s now clean, literally! ;P

      1. It’s good for you. You must have given it good shampooing. Keep it that way. :)

      2. Omo

        No, I’m now almost looks like Bruce Willis, check his head. ;)

      3. Really??? Bruce Willis’s among my fav actors. He’s damn sexy! And if you’re in some way resemble him, then you are sexy too! :P
        (Men’s sexiness is of course, different from women. Don’t kill me for saying this!)

      4. Omo

        LOL! No idea about my look- but I could refer me as his little brother (in some sense)! ;)

      5. Alright! That’s a hint for me. I’ll put it this way, he’s your look-alike! Wow! :)

      6. Can I call you Moon Willis? :P

      7. Omo

        Moon Willis? LOL!

  5. Damn it… I should have read this ages ago… lol Point taken and absorbed. Will get right on that good direction. :) Blessings my new friend and thank you.

    1. Omo

      You’re very welcome, Lady! Thank you! :)

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