Quote and effects on life – do you follow?


Do you like to read and collect quote? Do you try to follow them and apply on daily life? It’s nice to read quote and sometimes it’s amazing. It’s the experiences we listen from some other person.

Unless we face it does quote really make sense? When situation comes do you try and apply it on your life?


  1. Odliam

    Not really!
    You know, for every positive quotation there is a negative one that equals the equation! So, it is fun to read them only if you do not try to apply them.

    The reason I stopped here was because I found Mr. Einsten has copied my hair style!… Sort of! :)

    1. Omo

      Yeah, need not to apply ’em. Our experiences produce more quote eventually.

      Keep coming friend- Mr. Einsten liked you too. ;)

  2. Some quotes are simple and easy to follow. Some are quite complicated and not practical. May be it’s our weaknesses that have made us unable to follow it. But we all know what’s best for us. I might not be able to follow the quotes but I find some are very inspiring and good to ponder. I do read and collect some. :)

    1. Omo

      We realize a saying better once we face it. The question came into mind due to seeing people quote to others but not behaving themselves in time- ;)

      1. Yes, you’re right! If we fail to carry it out, why should we be so eager to tell others.

  3. I guess it never hurts to read an excerpt, the teacher’s life can come from anywhere. . .
    that you feel appropriate to you, apply in your life. .
    but if it does not fit then ignore. .

    1. Omo

      Wise words- raden, thank you!

  4. I do collect quotes.. but the difference is, quote doesn’t run my life.. my life was the one doing my quotes for me.. :)

    1. Omo

      This is best- quote inspired from life always a great one!

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