Poem: Unknown

Poem: Unknown


Somewhere in between
Heaven and earth
Few drops of rain
A little fogs

Somewhere in between
Breath of dreams
Sleep and waking
Emerging love

Somewhere in between
A pearl of tears
Shy and sweetness

Forever and ever-
Unknown is awaiting.

© Moonomo, 2012Original Image


  1. Wow beautiful !
    Soft – touching – romantic :)

    1. Omo

      Thanks Kitty- :))

  2. Sometimes, it baffles us to know what lies in between something or anything We can only see a bigger picture without the slightest idea of what is really in between it. But sometimes, our questions are answered. That’s the beauty of it. However, some remain ambiguous. There’s something still unknown,

    I love this post, my dear friend. You talked about beauty in the first three stanzas and wrapped it up so nicely. Like a curious child, I would be thinking, what is the unknown that needs to be known. :)

    Welcome back to the world of poetry! Long absence makes your pen more mightier! :)

    1. Omo

      You said it better, BB- Ambiguous unknown remains alongside the beauty- :))

      Thank you BB! I’ll keep trying to touch and get to the might-

  3. knowing what lies ahead of us is boring.. it’s the unknown and unnoticed that makes our every day worth living..

    well — just stating an opinion :)

    1. Omo

      Well opinion, Banda. Human ought to know the unknown- that’s our food for the life- :))

  4. Wow dude, there is a faint scent of love suffused into the lines of your stanzas, you know there is a reason and a sweet aiming all around but it is very difficult to appraise where the feeling is seated and if it will be discovered!

    Great poem! Omo!!

    1. Omo

      Thank you, Dud!! You’ve eagle eyes- :))

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