Fellow Blogger: Why you must be social

Blog and Blogging has a burst growth mostly because bloggers started to sharing their insight, skills and problems with the world. Which lots of people find it helpful, enjoyable and comparable to their own.

Those madness are just one side of the coin – have fun by meeting people.

As a blogger are you just throw your words and feel happy to think that you’re doing great? Nobody feels grateful to see you greedy even if you help someone somehow with your blog (unless they know you!). You need to find out where you stand by digging other bloggers. There’s always someone holds better/lower position than you- unless you know where you stands and what’s the ups-down compare to you- you just living a lie.

Connect with people, see what’s people doing- appreciate or give them feedback as much as you can- that will bring them back your returns. Lead and join community so you can always find someone to solve your problem. Sharing laugh with a wider community makes it higher.

  • The benefits # 1 : They will find bugs on your blog if any. Not always you alone would able to find all of them- may be it’s your hosting provider’s fault or some widget/gadget not working and such. Bug free blog helps the reason you blog to fulfill.
  • The benefits # 2 : They will share ideas that makes your blog even better. It might be a suggestion or news of some better template or new technology.
  • The benefits # 3: They will argue with you and correct any wrong information you may have. Eventually you’ll be able to be a perfectionist.
  • The benefits # 4: Comments, your most valuable property for your blog- you’ll get tons.
  • The benefits # 5: Link back and talks about your blog will produce much more traffic than you might have now. Aren’t you want them?

If you are too greedy, well you’ve your own world- live alone and die alone, nobody will mind.

Be social my fellow blogger. Give 100% and expect 10% in return. You shouldn’t regret if someone not gives it back to you- better a person you be and being nicer to others will lead more and more of them to your blog.

Happy Blogging. Best wishes for you.


5 Things A Blogger should do for their Readers

Reply Back

Someone appreciate your post and leave a reply on your blog or social site that you’re connected with. Try to reply back your reader. Even a simple thank you would work better. Most blogger doesn’t care who says what- that’s the big mistake ruin their potential readers to come back next time.

Find Out Whether Your Reader Also A Blogger

Do you dig down whether your reader maintain blog or not? Unless you grow your relation with your reader cum blogger you missing a big aspect of blogging. Keep a good relation with other blogger as much as you can, specially who reads you.

Interact With Your Reader

You posting your article on recipe/technology or relationship even your personal musing on various topics. Do you let your reader join with you? Ask them question so they could answer with comments. It could be puzzle, IQ or thoughts on matter that related to what you blog. If you can’t giveaway some prizes/gadgets may be you could at least share their blog/web site link on your sidebar (blogroll).

Keep Your Blog Readable

Fancy color or theme may gives nice impression but if your blog isn’t that readable how could your reader feel comfortable to read your post? Take care of appearance so it wont hurt eyes. Shorthanded writing wont help them to understand what you’ve said either. Frequent typo or grammar mistake wont be good experience at all.

Hunt Your Reader

You love to get more readers? So your readers loves too- give them visit as much as you can. They will be happy to know you. Join social network and find people, the more you active the more your readership will grow. More readers will make them happy as they find more thoughts from other reader on your blog. Based on your time- split it for your blog and to find people, talk/communicate with them. More you engage more they will feel happy to read you often.

Happy blogging. Best wishes for you.