Open Source and People around it-

To my experience, there are three distinguish type of people who evolve around Open Source for following:

  1. Carry the true meaning of it, to make, share and to do whatever they want (freedom and usefulness).
  2. It’s their way to reaching more people, gaining fame and to brag- even if they pretend to be humble and generous.
  3. It’s their ultimate business model- they try to show the beauty of it, but intent to take advantage of that only for money.

More or less, it’s great to up for fame, money along with that pure happiness of creating and sharing.

I’m ‘fortunate’ enough to engaged with so called ‘people’, the more they expressed their ‘love’ for open source the more turns out they were after the fame and/or money- nothing else matter to them. At time they always stubbed other ‘partner’ or ‘contributor’ for their ‘benefit’.

Whoever claim they are doing ‘open source’ only because of the beauty of it- that’s the culprit. Mark ’em and careful-


  1. It’s related to what you’re working on, right? Glad you could distinguish who is who…and what are the intentions for. Life is like that, yunno! :)

    1. Omo

      Been around WordPress (which is Open Source) development activities a lot lately- and those type of people around it, too- noted for a reference. :))

      You know, ability to distinguish intentions helps greatly, if I caught things like that a long ago, I could have had saved a tons of energy and time. It’s life, indeed- :)

  2. Sometimes we expect basic normal human behavior from people but it’s very hard to find one. Most people are so called ‘smart’, so instead of expecting anything from them and feeling bitter, let’s not get affected by them; let’s take them as a challenge and show them that they can’t affect us or our life!
    Hey Omo! I think, you really need to move on from your past bad experiences…don’t you think so? Let’s see the brighter side of life. It will give us positive energy and will wipe bitterness.

    1. Omo

      Hey, Kitty- just like you said, expecting human behavior from few ‘smart’ people doesn’t fill up ever. One interesting things I learned from life is that- those smart people actually stay away once they understand you know about ‘things’ they might try on you- :))

      Don’t you worry, I’m not holding on past. I’m very much excited about my ventures I’m doing lately. They are ‘in progress’ hence not sharing much about these yet.

      Other than that, I find writing about them actually helping to archive the lesson I’ve learned for anyone to take a sip, also whomever I’m meeting online/offline and do check my background can find those things and potentially stay alert about what and what not to practice- :D

      I’m actually the person who gain strength from mistakes instead of feeling sad and shy about it, you know- :)))

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