Old is gold

Each year passes by and when I read back my (old) writing I can see tons of mistakes (grammatical/typos/what not). Seems like only last couple of years, once I started writing on Moonstruck- it gets better- at least, it passed from having tons of mistakes. ;)

Back in the earlier decade (before 2010), while what I wanted to say somewhat holds in the writing but now reading back these making me laugh out loud! Well, I was reading my old blog “Banglasavvy”- ;P

Thinking about restoring the domain and put back these contents- a lots of memories they hold.


  1. You mean we’re going to be “golden”? Hehehe

    You know, we learn better through mistakes. I also make tons or barrels ( a-ha!) of mistakes, well, I do care, still I do have mistakes. Should we go back and learn English again? :)

    Where’s that Banglasavvy? You should have shared it.

    Well, what’s important, keep on writing! Thank you for sharing this note, Omo. :)

    1. Omaar Osmaan

      Yep, we’re golden! In a few thousands years, may be, (bones) gonna be diamond or something like that- Hahaha!

      Mistakes is what made us what we are- striving to do better is the best part of it. Interestingly, while I don’t bother much about whether there is typos- as long as saying it get through- but these surely the food for FUN to read in the future. Woot! Woot!

      Well, I started this blog as a fresh start to polish thoughts in writing in less words- thinking I really need to start exploring writing in length. Recently, been reading various lengthy articles (opinions etc)- and felt like I’m still a noob when it comes to write down a train of thoughts to describe/explain something in detail manner.

      You know, I took the old blog offline almost 6 years now. Only recently, I’d ran it locally again- have have to upgrade from WordPress version 2.9 to current (v4.4) to make it online!! Don’t worry, will do and share it soon- :D

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