There are friendship, you feel the bond deeply. Without any connection to blood relation you call them your family. Spend time together through fun, sorrow and those mixture that life gives you, mutually.

And one day, they leave you. Just like that.

Seeing I’m at somewhere walking. One of the care-taker (house employee) asking me whether he should hire a rickshaw to old Dhaka.

I looked at him with surprise, then told why I would want to go there? Then I call one of the people of my past, and that friend apologies, explains and so on.

That’s when I felt I’m in sleep, I need to continue sleeping rather going anywhere or talking over phone.

And, I woke up- realized I went back to moments of my life in nine/ten years back from now. It was dream!

Now mixed up feelings, nostalgia and all those surprise destroyed the sleepiness.

I’m noting this and thinking about the past that passes by and still touching me back, one way or another.


ps. I tend to not share things about me or so! Apparently, I know its due and I *should* fill the gap for my friends. I’ll touch my ventures/me and talk about not-so-expressed facts, soon!


  1. I like the opening lines of this story. It’s so touching. Sometimes we meet strangers, later they become like family. It’s not a surprise when they leave us one day. We can’t own everything.

    It’s so nostalgic going back into the past moments. A real life experience that will always come back a one time or another.

    A very nice write-up. You’re slowly revealing yourself, Omo. :)

    1. Omo

      Your words compensate much, BB! :))

      It happened the other day, actually, I wrote the first thing came in mind. Nostalgic moments sometimes brings Joy, sometimes Pain- that always feels like bittersweet-

      Thank you, BB- :)

  2. We were curious; We are eager.. :)

    Brave decision!

    1. Omo

      Ahoh! Thinking. Drafting. :))

      Thank you!

  3. You know, dude, you are part of friendship, and you are family. Maybe there is not close contact, but I can feel a especial kind of empathy when I think about you.

    You see, no time or space separation can erase that feeling. It was born and it keeps going on as in a brotherhood.

    I will be happy to share with you, anything in your life or in my life, and I will still be happy, just sharing the knowledge that life puts us together in the same space and time, even if not together.

    Hip Hip Ahoy! We are in the same boat!!!

    1. Omo

      Thank you, My friend-

      Since I met you in the virtual space, invisible glue kept me nearer. Whether in contact or the hibernate moments I have had, I feel that especial empathy covering me all the time.

      You know, how I feel good about pulling your legs! Its great to be in the same boat- the privilege I care so much and appreciate, too!


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