Music: Somebody That I Used to Know

I’ve been fan of ‘Somebody That I Used to Know‘ for a quite long time. Just found awesome cover of the song by Walk off the Earth.

Their cover:

BTW seems like they can play anything as an instrument (watch other video from ’em)!!


  1. How on earth I just got to know this? :)

    Really awesome! Just one guitar but they all can strum it.

    Loved the song, touching lyrics and everything about it.

    One first thought, was thinking you’re gonna talk ’bout somebody you used to know. My curiosity had been answered by walk off the earth! :))

    1. Omaar Osmaan

      Exactly that feelings I had when I found it while stumbling on Youtube- :D

      The team really are very talented! Love it!!

      Thank you, BB- :))

      That’s awesome mix you did- hahaha!

      1. Actually, I wanted to say by walk-ing off the earth. Why I miss the “ing”. LoL

      2. Omaar Osmaan

        I read it like `walking off the earth`- LOL!!

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