1. Yeah, I too love this music and those expressions in the video :)
    we are very expressive without uttering words, right? :))

    Did you listen to A R Rahman’s latest music from ‘Rockstar’?

    1. Omo

      Thank you, Kitty! :)

      Absolutely right- think of throwing water and saying nothing! LOL

      I guess not, I’ll check ’em- Rahman has has some truly great tunes!

  2. A very nice video and song! It tells a love story. Expressions speak a whole lot more than words. Feelings can’t be hidden in actions! I enjoy listening to it though language is the barrier. But what’s important, I understand through the expressions. :) I even start to tap my feet. Such is the power of songs. :)

    I’m sure you have lots more in the JukeBox. Yes, Omo, you should share more in other languages. Let’s share the beauty of songs and let’s enjoy and dance!! *Smiles*

    1. Omo

      I’m sure you were tapping your left foot- :))
      You’re so right its music has the power to enjoy without knowing the language-

      Thanks BB- I’ll! I’ll smile loudly, while you dance- Okee! :))

      1. Just as I thought. You were to mention the…left foot!! LOL
        It’s been awhile! Woot!!

      2. Omo

        Hahaha! You got to tap the left foot or the other left foot, isn’t it- LOL

        woot! woot!

  3. This is something so spectacular for a Westerner that the mind refuses to leave the thread that is knitted into the love story!

    We, in the West, think about Romanticism as a “solid” feeling, while this music and people make it a fluid honey that flows from the body, flatten the inner noises and leave you loving every movement, countenance expression, and sweet smiles. Even eroticism is raised to a fragrant scent!

    I am sorry I do not understand the language, but sorrier not to understand the body language that accompany the whole story!

    Thank you, dude! this is a wonderful gift!!

    1. Omo

      Deeply agreed with you, dude!!

      Those expressions are the honey that flows from the body that raise inside the soul- you said it greatly!

      You got the story right, dude! Lyrics telling that of freedom like the bird and chime in a way that I guess very hard to convey in English but that body language tells it all!

      I’m glad, you know- :))

  4. Nice music…. Love the video clip

  5. nice song..nice video too……love the music..

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