1. Oh **** that was awesome as well as beautiful! Who is this lass may I ask? :)

    1. Omo

      Who “lost” could answer- rest of us have to look at the stars and point! Ah! :)

  2. Lost – Look at the stars, “it” is among ’em. The brightest of them all. Found – for awhile but “it” had gone back to be among the stars and to be admired. Even afar but it’s still there among the millions.

    Actually, I’m losing words. Don’t know what I say make sense or not. Your duo is beautiful! :) Got a hunch it implies something.

    1. Omo

      You explained correct- thank you for the hunch! ;)

      Remember the magnify I was talking about? What if- put glasses and read it from a different approach? Looks like it’s about a finding a lass, which one is you- can’t find it among the millions- lass were together before in life before life- she have been missing in this life- finding and missing her all way of starry night!

      A stretched perspective may be- just may be- but hey, poet is innocent- and not effected with humankind- just writing words! :)

      1. You have the perfect explanations! :)

  3. kitty

    Hmmm… :)

  4. Odliam

    How did you know I had lost a star…

    And that I had found it?

    But it is still missing!

  5. Very interesting- :) I am coming from bloggers :)

    1. Omo

      Thank you! Nice to see you stopping by- keep coming! ;)

  6. Awesome writing. I have to write a Haiku and dread it… LOL Perhaps I should take a class from you Moon and see if I finally figure it out.
    Blessings and Thanks for visiting, Sorry I have been away…. :)

    1. Omo

      Sure thing, Lady! Looking forward to see your Haiku soon! Thank you for the nice words. ;)

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