Less is more

Less is more. Less emotion. More thoughts. Less stress. More Innovation. Less assumption. More observation. It wont end. Let this less and more to minimum. Welcome. Nice to see you here. ;)

On this welcome note, this blog may contain what others have been done. I’m fan of people. I’m fan of creative works.


  1. You know, sometimes this jingle about less is more gets to be nearly believed by ‘meself’.
    If I ‘kill emotions’ I got less thoughts. If I lower stress I got a plane line in my ECG, and that means I am dead!

    I guess it is a kind of fishing line to bring curious fish as ‘meself’ to bite the lure! :)

    OK, I bite! Anyway, there is always a worm to gnaw and chew! :)

    BTW, is there any possibility to make your blog to accept comments with only the name of the people? This is just a kind of revenge!!

    1. Omo

      Hahaha- “Less emotion” equal to emotions that’s healthy, overflow isn’t really healthy- killing emotion even “unhuman”. Keeping things “Less” means ability to focus “More” on matters- for me. ;)

      Allowing comments by only name- phew, those robots will happy to post message in that case I guess. :D

  2. Why is my avatar banished from your blog?

    Beware! ‘Forces of the Dark’ is an inconspicuous organization dedicated to avenge these terrible omissions!! :)

    1. Omo

      WordPress sites will be happy to see your hairs, my friend. Check out Gravatar – and set your cool picture that makes me feel good. ;)

      Those are the way around!

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