Music: La Camisa Negra

I was watching FIFA World Cup 2010 Kick-off Concert and love the performance of Juanes. I didn’t know his name and forget in few days. Just recently I thought why not find that song, I come to know Juanes. Sharing this music video, I’m enjoying it much lately- the video is cool and tunes are heart touching!

I had that long hair few months back and now its short-spiky. :)

Footnote: while posting this I come to know what the lyrics says, I had completely no idea what he saying- now having a evil laugh- :)


  1. Ah yeah! I heard this song about 4-5 years back I guess…. Love the guitar :D

    1. Omo

      Harish, also try those dances sometime- ;D

  2. Me too, I heard this song quite some time back and I loved it. Now, I’m listening again and I love it even more! A very nice song but I can’t appreciate the lyrics. The reason is I don’t know what it means. Nevertheless, as long as the song is entertaining with good music, that’s good enough for my listening pleasure.

    Omo, it’s good to know that you try those dances. Isn’t it nice for relaxation? Or tone the muscles! :D Make sure, you don’t sway too much! ;D

    1. One more thing, you said once your hair is like that of Bruce Willis. Alright, got it…spiky. :)

    2. Omo

      Go check the lyrics!

      Oh no, I was literally clean those long hairs- so it looked like Bruce! Duh- (lol) :)

  3. Its the first time I have heard of this artist It was a nice song and the video made me smile, its quite comical :)

    1. Omo

      Lovely dance, you should try sometime! (lol)

      1. frisso

        lol now that really would be a comical sight :D

  4. I can imagine moon is dancing with his spiky hair :):)

    1. Omo

      LOL- freaking “comical sight”- :):):)

  5. This is pure Afro-Latin music!

    Even telling a sad tale it brings smiles to the face, and some stirring on the salacious side!

    Truly cultural this feeling, having the deceased guy inside, and the black shirt outside cannot “kill” the Caribbean rhythm! :)

    Good post, Omo!

    1. Omo

      It is-

      Glad for your ears and words you sharing here- good to see you my friend! :)

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